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This is our latest version which includes over 70 carefully selected reputable companies that offer a variety of assembly or other work at home opportunities that supply you with material, easy-to-follow instructions, and pay you for completed work.

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This is a directory of approximately 50 companies that offer a business opportunity. Many of these opportunities are businesses you can start right from your own home with very little investment, on a part-time or full-time basis.

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Legitimate Work From Home Opportunities
The following opportunities are legitimate work from home opportunities.
These are actual, legitimate work from home opportunities.
Since, you have taken the first step to download this directory, you owe it to
yourself to look over each opportunity, and inquire with the person so you can
make an educated decision about a work from home career that is perfect for
you. With the following companies listed, you will find hope and belief that having a
work from home career that works is possible. It is up to you to do your own
research and homework to make sure it is the right fit for you.

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This e-book was set up to provide you with a
list of legitimate companies that offer work at home opportunities. Whether you’re seeking a legitimate work from
home job or looking to earn additional income, there is definitely something in here for you. With the help of this
guide, you will have free access to home based jobs in the following areas:
• Administrative
• Customer Service
• Independent Contractor
• Telemarketing
• Transcription
• Paid Survey Opportunities
• Writing Gigs
• Work at home with benefits
• *Bonus* Reputable Work at Home Companies
For your convenience, all companies have been researched and are 100% Legitimate. Please feel free to share
this guide with others and I wish you much success with your financial endeavors.

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Links to hundreds of sits with information about Home Working Opportunities.

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Remember, you are ordering a quality product published and maintained by the Home Employment Specialist. Our goal is to provide you with the most current and legitimate work at home opportunities on the market today. Not only are we the largest and most successful in the work at home industry, we offer the most current and respected work available. We have been in business since 1976 and we're only a phone call away. You demand quality ... and we guarantee it.

The type of work available through the Home Employment Directory:

There are numerous companies offering a variety of products that need assembly work. These products appeal to both men and women and include such items as:
• Toys & Gifts
• Place Mats
• Leather Products
• Duffle Bags
• Baby Bibs
• Stuffed Animals
• Holiday Decorations
• Key Chains
• Sewing
• Hair Cutting Capes
• Jewelry
• Wood Products
• Refrigerator Magnets
• String Art
• Potpourri - Sachets
• Hair Bows
• CD Stands
• Felt Game Boards
• Book Marks

There is also a variety of other interesting work available that involves:
• Flowers
• Mailing Postcards
• Fishing Accessories

How the Home Employment Directory works for you: There's NO Selling Required.

Most of the companies will ship you supplies, materials and easy-to-follow instructions so you can get started right away. You get paid strictly for doing the work. The items are easy to assemble and, in most cases, there are no special skills or equipment required. You simply assemble the products according to their instructions and you'll be paid upon return of the finished goods to the company. No selling required. Start Earning Money Immediately. Your place of residence is unimportant. As long as the U.S. Postal Service or other shipping services can make deliveries to your address, you can enjoy the benefits of working at home. Whatever your situation is...whether you're a housewife or househusband, work part-time or full-time, are a senior citizen, have a handicap or just don't like the hassle of a regular 9:00 - 5:00 job...there are companies that offer assembly work to be done in your own home. Once you've received the "Home Employment Directory" all you do is choose the products that you are interested in assembling and contact the respective companies who will provide you with instructions to assemble their products in your own home.

Get started today and start receiving weekly paychecks for doing light assembly or other interesting work in your own home.
MADE IN THE USA American made is in high demand today, and these companies need your help. By using this assembly system, you can be a part of the pride of labeling these products "Made In The U.S.A". Together ... let's keep American's working with the National Employment Directory. Remember the saying ..... "If you wait for things to happen -- they never will!"

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The Perfect Home Based Business Yes! Now you can make money by assembling products in the comfort of your own home and working at your own pace with the National Employment Directory. Choose from a large variety of products which appeal to both men and women, and choose the type of work that suits your desires. You'll be working as an independent contractor, which means you get paid according to the number of pieces you complete. There's no boss watching over you, no time clock to punch, you can work when you please, and even watch television while making money! You can assemble a variety of products for several different companies at the same time and earn the money you need! You can be part of the growing family of independent minded men and women across the country who have decided to take their fate into their own hands and wish to be their own boss. The financial rewards from the National Employment Directory can run from just a few hundred dollars a week on a part time basis to thousands of dollars per month on a full time basis. It all depends on how hard a person is willing to work to pursue his or her goals. Your are only limited by your own desires and motivation. There is NEVER a finish without a start, and the associates at The Home Employment Spcialist encourage you to start your new life today.